As of April 10th Silver Spotlight Productions returns dynamically with an original musical by Chrissie Andreou, at Pantheon Theatre, Nicosia. “The Worm And I” is a musical for young and old alike, once again leading its viewers to quality entertainment and social reflection. Chrissie Andreou embodies the rôles of Zoe as well as “the worm”. The two characters sing together live, each in their own distinct voices. This production will tour all cities in Cyprus, make special performances for schools and is available for bookings outside of Cyprus. 


Silver Spotlight is thrilled to announce its first collaboration with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra for the revival of its smash hit musical “MY SNOWMAN”. The musical will be a revamped, fully staged symphonic version of the all time favorite and it will be the first time ever that the CySO performs an original musical by an all Cypriot cast and crew. Performances will be on December 18th and 19th  at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol and December 22nd and 23rd at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre. “My Snowman” is written by Alex Panayi, Stavros Stavrou and Katerina Christofidou, directed by Marios Kakoulli and conducted by Petros Stylianou. Symphonic orchestrations by Georgios Karvellos. Tickets will be available later this fall.

“Omiros” our first venture in the world of film started its international journey with the O. Festival in Rotterdam. The short film was screened between August 23rd and 29th 2021 to rave reviews. 



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