Performing Arts Experts

Silver Spotlight specializes in the creation of original Music, Theater and Music Theater productions of public, private, corporate and charitable organizations. We also stage original musicals in Cyprus.

Alex Panayi & Katerina A. Christofidou

Alex Panayi and Katerina A. Christofidou two long time friends and top music professionals created Sliver Spotlight Productions in 2012 out of love and respect for Music, Theatre, Musical Theatre and generally adult and children’s entertainment.  Both Alex and Katerina already have long and distinguished careers in almost all facets of music and theatre productions, in the Greek speaking world and the rest of Europe. With their knowledge, background and expertise, they gathered top-notch creators, technicians and talented performers and created a team that realizes most any entertainment request. Their experience, talent and passion, sets them a cut above the rest.

Our Services

Services Services

Our company specializes in the creation of original music and lyrics, musical and vocal preparation, theatre and musical theatre production for public, private, corporate and charitable organizations, staging up to full-scale original musicals. Because of our vast expertise in entertainment we can also provide integrated solutions that address your needs whether it be for your resort, hotel, conference, retreat, television program, festival, or even your private function, big or small. With contacts in Europe and the USA, we can provide a pool of talented artists to create the show you dream of.
Composition Composition

We can suggest and book the right composer, from a pool of talented artists with different backgrounds and styles (pop, pop/rock, musical theatre, film, Greek, R&B etc.).
Lyric writing Lyric writing

Our lyricists can write fluently in English, Greek, and Italian.
Script writing Script writing

We can create a custom made script just for you. This script can be for a full-scale play or musical or for a commercial, event, show, conference etc.
Music Supervision Music Supervision

If you need an experienced producer for your album or single, a Music Supervisor for your show (live, television or musical) then we have specialized individuals that can work with the assigned producer, musicans and/or actors, to deliver the best possible artistic result.
Vocal Directing Vocal Directing

Our vocal directors schedule and execute vocal rehearsals with the lead and backing singers/cast, teaching them melodies and harmonies for the required event (live concert, studio recording, play, musical, television or radio performance).
Vocal Coaching – Preparation Vocal Coaching – Preparation

We help professional performers all over the world with our vocal coaching. This service prepares you with interpretation, technique, style, accent and diction, for demanding live performances, studio recordings, or special appearances. The coaching duration is agreed based on the demands of your engagement.
Studio Recording Studio Recording

We provide experts at the recording studio, who ensure that you have the best possible outcome, whether it's for a demo or a full-scale production. We help performers bring out their best during the recording. We also ensure that the post-production (editing, tuning, mixing, mastering) is of the highest possible standard.
Orchestration - Programming Orchestration - Programming

If you already have your song but you need someone to arrange, orchestrate or program it (live or studio) our experts will help you realize your vision.

What We Do

Our company can help you or your organization create compelling entertainment solutions that align with your intended purpose.  We believe that our clients’ vision and our expertise can work together to bring exceptional productions to life, brainstorming with you to define and craft a performing arts proposal that satisfies your needs and budget.  Our job is to bring top artists and professionals together for you, in their respective fields, to coordinate and manage the creative process from pre-production to end product.