Alex Panayi: Jury Member of the Eurovision Song Project

Co-founder and one of the two CEOs of Silver Spotlight Productions, Alex Panayi, will be participating as one of the four-jury members of the Eurovision Song Project, which will be aired by CyBC.

The project’s shooting starts tomorrow November 18th, 2014 and will run for 10 episodes where the winning performer and song will represent Cyprus to the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Alex Panayi said: “It’s a fact that I immensely love this international event and so I gladly accepted CyBC’s invitation to participate as a jury member.  I can’t wait for the process to start.”

There are 57 registered participations to the Eurovision Song Project and the other 3 jury members are Tasos Tryfonos, Despina Olympiou and Elena Patroclou. The project’s finale will air live by CyBC on February 1st, 2015 .