About Us

Alex Panayi and Katerina A. Christofidou two long time friends and top music professionals created Sliver Spotlight Productions in 2012 out of love and respect for Music, Theatre, Musical Theatre and generally adult and children’s entertainment.  Both Alex and Katerina already have long and distinguished careers in almost all facets of music and theatre productions, in the Greek speaking world and the rest of Europe. With their knowledge, background and expertise, they gathered top-notch creators, technicians and talented performers and created a team that realizes most any entertainment request. Their experience, talent and passion, sets them a cut above the rest.

Alex Panayi – Co-Founder / Managing Director

An expert in vocal production, technique and coaching, also in creating and directing musical performances, with collaborations in Greece, Cyprus, Sweden, France, Russia, Germany, Malta, Belarus, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and the UK. Among his clients are some of Greece’s (and Europe’s) biggest stars.


He works (studio and live) as vocal coach /director /coordinator with top performers worldwide. Over the period of the last 15 years, he has vocal arranged hundreds of albums in Greece – permanent collaborations with all major labels, and with most arrangers and composers in the business.


He has worked as musical director for Disney Greece, and has directed, sung and acted in over forty Disney and Dreamworks movies and series (Tarzan, Mulan, Brother Bear, Little Mermaid, Prince of Egypt, Phineas and Ferb, Johnny and the Sprites etc).


He represented Cyprus twice at the Eurovision Song Contest as singer/sonwriter in 1995, 2000 (earlier as a backing vocalist in 1989, 1991) also Greece as a vocal director and backing vocalist in 2009 and 2005 , winning the contest. He was artistic director and vocal director at the 2006 event, vocal director for Belarus 2012 and vocal director for Azerbaijan and Belarus 2013, and Russia and Belarus 2014.


He directed the musical “Esmeralda” with Katerina A. Christofidou, with whom he wrote the script to, directed and starred in the musical comedy “Feggaromberdemata” (Cyprus 2008) to sold-out performances. In 2010 they premiered their musical “A Christmas Miracle” and in 2011 he starred in, wrote the music, co-wrote the book to, and produced the smash hit musical “A Day in December”. Their musical “Di-mentia” premiered in Paris 15/10/12, “GourouniAsmata” 21/12/12 and “GourouniAsmata 2” 20/12/13 (Cyprus). All performances were sold out.


He is a judge, panelist and vocal coach/director on TV shows “X Factor” “Get On Stage” “DanSing For You”&”Music Box”.


He is co-founder and managing director of the “Silver Spotlight” production company -2012- with K.Christofidou.


Specialties: Vocal arranger/producer/coordinator, exclusive vocal coach for performing professionals, Producer, Composer, Lyricist (Greek, English), Director, Artistic director – live and TV, Script writer (Greek, English).

Katerina A. Christofidou – Co-Founder / Managing Director


Katerina received a Diploma of Contemporary Singing (Distinction) from the Athen’ s Hellenic Conservatory, a BA in Mus (Distinction) from Berklee College of Music and an MA degree from the American University in Washington DC.


In 1995 she was a baking vocalist for Cyprus entry “Sti Fotia” by Alex Panayi, in the Eurovision Song Contest. She represented Cyprus at the International Singing Festival of Malta (1999), the International Song Festival in Bulgaria (2000), and the Sunflower International Festival in Serbia (2004).


She released two albums in Cyprus that included some of her own compositions (1998, 2000) and produced the Hellenic Concervatory Youth Choir’s Christmas CDs (2004, 2005).


She directed and starred in various musicals in Cyprus such as “An Evening Filled with Sounds of Music”, “Musical Favorites”, “Beauty and the Beast” “Expressions of Love” and “Esmeralda” all produced by Emfasis Cultural Association where proceeds went to various organizations. She also starred in many theatrical productions directed by well-known Cypriot actress Pitsa Antoniadou and won the National Amateur Theatre Competition in Cyprus twice.


She performed at London’s Palace Theatre and Prince of Wales Theatre in London participating in a specialized Masterclass organized by the London Broadway Company.


In 2007, she founded Potenzia del’ arte , a new and unique Performing Arts Center where she currently teaches and manages.


In 2008/2009 Katerina was a permanent panel member for the morning show “Kalimera” (SIGMA TV) with Melani Steliou and the vocal coach for the shows “Get on Stage 2” (2010), “DanSing1” (2011) & “DanSing 2” (2012) for MEGA TV Channel Cyprus.


In 2008, Katerina and Alex Panayi wrote the script and starred in their first original musical called “Feggaroberdemata” to sold out performances. In 2010 they wrote and produced their second original musical “A Christmas Miracle”, and in 2011 another original musical “A Day In December” all to sold out performances. Their musical “Di-mentia” (2012) was their first musical produced by their own company SILVER SPOTLIGHT PRODUCTIONS LTD, founded in 2012 (www.silverspotlight.net). Their Smash Hit Musical for Young Viewers “Gourouniasmata” Part1 & Part2 (2012 & 2013) received a nomination for Best Children’s Musical and is still playing in Cyprus to sold out performances, while currently is about to launch in Greece and Europe.


Katerina is the writer of 3 Theory of Music Workbooks and writes scripts for Musicals and Theatre. She is a judge for many Singing Competitions and was awarded many prices for her contribution to music and education in Cyprus. She is one of the Cyprus Anticancer Society campaign TV Spots person (2011-2014).